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Helping You to Help the Ummah

Assalaumualaikum, I am Sister Mona and I am a personal matchmaker, counselor, and early childhood educator. I am also a very grateful wife and mom to a wonderful family, Allahumma barik lahum. I have tasted the sweetness of a joyful marriage and would love to aid in the opportunity for all pious Muslims to experience the same.

Ever since I was young, Allah subhanahu wa-taʿala has granted me the skill of deep empathy and emotional wisdom. I am a people-person at the very core and heart of me. I love networking, teaching, healing, uplifting, creating harmony, and bringing people together. Especially for our ummah. 

I pursued a BA in Psychology for 4 years as an undergrad, where I aided in an analytical research study that delved into the self-image and identity of Muslim youth in America. I have an accredited certification in Life Coaching and Counseling, with 5+ years of experience in individual and marital counseling. Additionally, I hold ample experience in childcare and early childhood education.

I take healthy esteem in my reputation of being an approachable, trustworthy, understanding, and non-judgemental person. I can assure you, with Allah as my witness, that all communication will remain professional, direct, and 100% safe and confidential. My intention is to nurture the emotional and mental wellbeing of the ummah, and to provide my sister's a safe-space to refocus themselves, heal, and allow their iman to grow.

I myself am a devout Muslim who knows that the best and only way of life is by what our Prophet salla -llahu ʿalayhi wa-salam has taught us, through the Qur'an and Sunnah. I strive to abide by Islam as the sahaba would, and I strive to encourage and remind other Muslims to do the same. Whilst being firm in my own convictions, I never forget that everyone is on a different point in their individual journey towards Allah. My approach is to uplift, therefore shaming has no place in my practice. 

I know that the core of all healthy communities start with healthy individuals, marriages, and families. That is why I see it as an honor whenever I am granted the opportunity to help another Muslim. My desire is to create loving marriages and strong families, all for the sake of Allah, and to see our ummah succeed, in shaa Allah.

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