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Personal Matchmaking: Welcome

Allow Me To Find Your Ideal Spouse

Spouse on the Sunnah's matrimonial service is one-of-a-kind and unlike any other Muslim matrimonial service out there.  It is stress-free and personalized - all the work of searching is done for you. All you have to do is fill out and submit the custom-made survey. That's it, nothing else.


You explain YOUR ideal criteria and standards, and I aim to find a mutually compatible prospect for you, based on the  answers of both prospects - all while maintaining everyone's absolute anonymity and privacy the whole way through. 


I act as that third party, removing the risk of you having to experience ghosting from uncommitted or immature people, awkwardness from having to ask or answer a personal question, pain due to rejection based on more superficial reasons, unnecessary exposure to the opposite gender, or even possible manipulation and blackmail, etc.

Unlike other overly-priced Muslim matrimonial services, Spouse on the Sunnah offers affordability.

Only IF I find you your perfect spouse is there a $100 charge.

I sincerely try to make the process of getting married as simple and easy as possible for you! 

This is the most stress-free, halal, and simple approach for any sunnah-practicing Muslim to get married today.


STEP 1. Submit your Spouse-Search Survey


STEP 2. I receive your submission, I review your responses, and I search for your match, all while you sit back and make dua.


STEP 3. If I come across a prospect where you both appear mutually compatible for one another based on your own criteria, I will privately contact you both through separate emails, letting you know that I have found a potential match. I will ask briefly describe the prospect and ask if you are interested in learning more about the other.


STEP 4. If you and the prospective match mutually agree to learn about the other, I will then continue acting as a third-party agent, asking and answering any additional questions you have for one another. Both parties will remain anonymous to each other and will never communicate directly. I will never share your identity or contact information. All communication is through formal and professional email only.


STEP 5. After getting everyone's important questions and crucial topics squared away, if both parties desire to proceed to the next step of getting the wali involved, I will provide the brother with the sister's wali’s contact information. 


STEP 6. The brother himself must then take the initiative to contact and communicate with the wali. The wali will hold the authority on whether he approves of introducing you two or not.


STEP 7. After contacting the wali, if all parties ultimately decide the pairing is a perfect match and decide to conduct a nikkah, I will ask for $100 fee per spouse.

*If for whatever reason the pairing does not work out and does not end with a nikkah, I do not charge anything. Instead, I will follow up with you if there are any updates or changes on your criteria, and I will search again, in shaa Allah, no matter how long it takes. My goal is to help you find your soulmate, in shaa Allah. 

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