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Prepare for your Next Step

FOR SISTERS ONLY - In this counseling session, I will teach you how to approach your upcoming nikkah with realistic expectations of an Islamic marriage so that you may experience genuine love and fulfillment in your coming union, in shaa Allah.
You will learn the rights and duties of both spouses, and get a clear understanding of what the ideal marriage structure and marital dynamic is intended to be, as Allah designed it, backed with with authentic daleel. 
I will coach you in how to embrace the beauty of your own femininity within an Islamic framework, and guide you on communication skills that can help you avoid preventable clashes with your husband. This is a one-on-one session where you are encouraged to ask any question you have that will prepare you to the best wife you can be. There are no taboo topics here, even questions you may wonder but perhaps feel too shy bringing up to anyone else. This session is meant to calm any nerves and doubts you have walking into marriage, and to help you start off your union right, in shaa Allah.
This session is not only for those who will be getting married soon. It is available for any sister, even those who are just generally interested in understanding the sunnah of marriage or looking for a halal, comfortable way to learn about the male psychology, even if she is not searching for her husband yet.

Love Yourself


Guidance & Inspiration

FOR SISTERS ONLY. In order to experience a happy, healthy marriage, the first step is for you to be a happy, healthy individual! This session is for any sister - single, engaged, already married, and even experienced mothers. In my session, I aid you in reaching personal breakthroughs and accomplishing milestones of self-growth and mental and emotional healing. I help you to distinguish and accept what you cannot control in your life, while simultaneously nurturing your own inner-strength to become empowered with what you can control. This service is open for sisters of any age, at any stage in life. The goal of this session is personal discovery and spiritual progression. The focus is for you to leave with a fresh and rejuvenated understanding in your heart, enabling you with the boost you need to conquer your challenges in life.  One of my most-recommended and most-loved sessions!



Get the Most out of Love

For those who are already passed the stage of the nikkah, I offer valuable Marriage Counseling. So often in today's times, a sincere Muslim couple may be faced with 4 ineffective scenarios when dealing with a continuous problem in their marriage:

1) Approach the imam of a masjid or a respected male figure of the community. This has its flaws because often, both the husband and wife have too much hayaa and gheerah to involve a non-mahram male in her affairs and to open up far enough to find the real root issue. Or perhaps the wife is immediately judged as the culprit, without her being able to comfortably express her side fairly, due to her shyness or fear.

2) Attend a counseling session with a non-Muslim female therapist. This has its flaws because rarely might you find a therapist that understands or supports the healthy-patriarchal Islamic worldview, and may even influence the session with her feminist-leaning ideals that go against our sunnah.

3) Get advice from friends or family. This has its flaws because of the lingering feelings of shame or regret that is eventually experience from involving people close to you into your personal business. This could even unintentionally ruin the close kinship ties with the extended family and carry the problem further into the future. 

4) Stay silent about your problems and brush them under the rug, feeling defeated that things will ever get better.


Therefore, I offer that balanced alternative. I strive to create a trusting-space for everyone to feel at ease and to reach new levels of harmony and love within the marriage. These sessions are conducted with Islamic boundaries in place, and through an Islamic lens, seeing marriage as yet another means to be able to draw closer to Allah subhanahu wa-taʿala. 

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